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Transparent products

Makroclear®, Makrolife®, Colorado®, Saphir®, Griphen® and Griphen® Frost solid ranges provide solutions to improve on the standard qualities of transparent sheet. Whatever the requirements or needs, our transparent ranger has the capability to match.

PC is excellent for outdoor applications where glass is used today. Ice hockey rinks, signs, displays, bicycle helmets, bus shelters, vending machines, public telephones,stairs, food displays/bin/ dividers, in interior design, displays, indoor illuminated signs, showcases applications and exclusive design accessories are some popular applications.

The unique “frosty” look has made the PETG Griphen® Frost a favourite material to work with among designers and architects.

Bild1 Magnus Sävestam
Product Manager, transparent and coated products
Phone: + 46 141 20 38 26
E-mail: magnus.savestam@arlaplast.se
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