Exhibition at Motala Expo

Arla Plast has recently participated at the workshop at Motala Expo to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The expo is an important meeting for professionals as well as the public, where Arla Plast talked about the various roles at work for a company in the plastics industry. There are many different roles at a company like Arla Plast. During the expo every year a prize is awarded for The Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2013 Arla Plast received, for the second time, the prize for The Company of the Year in Motala, another prestigious prize at the show.
At the expo Ala Plast organized a competition for visitors. The winner is Frida Häger: she answered all questions correctly and her guess (1.268g) was the closest to the right weight of the jar with plastic granules. She will receive a kit with special Arla Plast items and two tickets to the cinema.

The correct answers are:
1. Arla Plast is producing plastic sheets
2. The name of Arla Plast originates from the founder of Arla Plast; Arne Larsson
3. Arla Plast’s factories are located in Borensberg, Sweden and in Kadan, Czech Republic
4. Arla Plast was founded in 1969
5. Polycarbonate is almost unbreakable
The weight of the jar with plastic granules was 1.300g