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Bienvenue chez Arla Plast! Nous sommes un fournisseur suédois de haute qualité de plaques en plastique avec des années d’expérience dans l’extrusion. Nous ferons de notre mieux

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Arla Plast COVID-19 Booklet

Published: 2020-06-03

Arla Plast hereby introduce a BOOKLET for Barriers and visors for COVID-19 solutions.. There is a demand for barriers in addition to other products. Some key jobs require contact with people such as hospital personnel, paramedics, pharmacies, banks, post offices, taxis and many others. The virus spreads in droplet(s) form requiring barrier products between people.

Arla Plast Barriers and Screens solution – COVID-19

Published: 2020-03-27

The desperate situation regarding the COVID-19 virus has forced us to adapt quickly to the evolving situation, both personally and in the workplace.  Most Governments are enforcing social distancing. At Arla Plast we continue to support with various barrier and screen projects to separate and protect people to avoid infections. Please see 


Published: 2020-02-26

Arla Plast introduce MULTICLEAR® 11 Wall. The product is designed to give high insulation whilst providing good light transmission for an 11 wall product. For information, please click these links: Arla Plast News February 2020