PETG Opaque


PETG is easy to fabricate and thermoform without pre-drying, hence faster cycle times and cost savings can be achieved. Thermoforming and bending can be done with great accuracy.

Arla Plast offers PETG high impact opaque sheets – GRIPHTECH®.

GRIPHTECH® is an opaque coloured co-polyester sheet which combines extremely good fabrication and thermo-forming properties with good impact strength. The product has good fire performance, it is self-extinguishable and also has low smoke generation during a fire.

We are experienced in extrusion of standard glossy colours as well as matt colours. Most products can be chosen with a protecting UV-layer on top.

Product Range (Data Sheets):

The sheets are used in a wide variety of applications such as

  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • Shelving and racking systems
  • Food displays / bin / dividers
  • Thermoformed covers
  • Vending machine faces
  • Industrial equipment
  • Machine covers and many different kind of technical parts



  • Easy to fabricate or thermoform
  • No pre drying needed
  • Food contact approved
  • Good chemical resistance